Who We Are.


Jamie L. Taylor

All the schooling, reading, and professional years of service just cannot prepare you for life no matter how much you apply yourself.  Sometimes it takes the real thing, no dress rehearsal, to fully get you ready.

I find that simply connecting with people through conversations and relationships that the majority of people already have the answers themselves.  What they are missing is someone they can trust who will believe in them. 




Austin C. Taylor

I have found that following a motto of KIFS (Keep It Freaking Simple) has done wondering in the lives of so many.  Yes, there is a lot of  amazing literature, models, and detail that are at our fingertips.  The problem there is that it comes at us so quickly that it can be paralyzing to most and that shouldn't be the case at all.  We remove all the complexities and help to develop a lifestyle that suits you in achieving your health goals.     

Less is more and sustainability is the model I choose to focus on.